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The Williamsons

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Case of the Missing Elephant (catching up on Dec - Feb)

A little while back, I was reading Alice a book called "Inside My Heart" (a Christmas gift from Grandma Lori!). We love this book, though we haven't read it a ton yet. It was late--past bedtime--so I decided to skip a few pages here and there to save time. We got to the end of the book, and . . .

Alice: "Where is the elephant spraying the water?" (This is the page about feeling sad)
Me: "Oh! We must have missed that page! Ahh . . . here it is." [Read page, close book]
Alice: "Where is the one where she has red circles on her cheeks?" (This is the page about feeling angry)
Me: "Hmmm . . . must have missed that one too . . . here it is." [Read page]

And there was one other page that she remembered--this was the last one that I had skipped. Anyway, skipping pages with Alice does NOT save time.

Another good Alice story: Around Ryan's birthday in February, Alice became really obsessed with birthdays and ages. She asked, “When will I be 30?” I responded, “In about 27 years. And then you might be married and have children, and/or have a job.” “That means I can change diapers! Yeah! And wipe poop off of bums!” She was genuinely thrilled at the thought, and it helped me feel more noble in my parenting duties.  

All in all, Alice is such a good kid. She communicates beautifully and keeps us laughing with the things she says and all the little gestures and facial expressions she makes. One thing she's very good at nowadays is singing. She will belt out Moana songs, Let it Go, and some other favorite ones at any given moment. She knows a surprising amount of the words and has really good pitch. I'll post a video, but it's hard to capture: (only the first half is worth watching)

And now, onto some photos . . . 


She loved many ornaments, but especially Mozart

A view of Alice from the 3rd-floor balcony

She was so, so, so excited to build a snowman. “It’s Frosty!” she'd say. And then she talked to him face-to-face in a high-pitched voice with her head cocked. “Hi, Frosty! How are you doing? Are you going to talk to me?”

We made a "fort" and this is her bed and blanket

Cellar door slide

With our dear friends, the Millers, who stayed with us for a few months.

Phipps Christmas display

Sunset outside Phipps

Just ignore Ryan's blue booger . . . would have been a great picture otherwise :)

Playing in the cupboard at home

Shutterfly book made by "her silly" Grandma Lori

Enough stuff? Thank you, everyone, for your generosity! We also used some Christmas money to set up her new bedroom.

Ryan's and my haul was much less exciting and colorful than Alice's, but we appreciate it all the same!

Loving the new playdough tools

Helping paint her new dresser

Very excited for her 30-month checkup--just waiting for Dr. Laura!

Naptime shenanigans

New room!

Christmas package in the mail from Great Grandparents

Making a necklace using a new bead set from Great grandparents

Necklace she made. Okay, okay, I helped her make it symmetrical . . .

New Year's Eve at the zoo

Our penguins love to swim! It's a great penguin exhibit.

Our puzzle "helper"

This was a really fun New Year's Eve puzzle we got a while back from Scott and Ann . . . it has some animal-shaped pieces in it, too. 

Alice's friend came back for a brief visit before moved all their stuff out to their new home. They were like brother and sister, and they love each other so much!

January and February
On the airplane to Florida to visit Nate and Jess and kids!
At the zoo

She had so much fun with her cousins!

She sees the gators and asks, "Are they alive or dead?"

Newest niece/cousin--she's so good!

Enjoying "quiet time" together

Back in Pittsburgh . . . As a last "hurrah" during Christmas break, I took Alice to the Daniel Tiger exhibit at our Children's Museum. She loved it!

Doing "make believe" like they do on Daniel Tiger

Inside Daniel Tiger's bungalow

Probably her favorite thing at the museum--air that blows upward and can keep a ball hovering. 

Static, anyone?

So focused on cutting in the art section of the museum

She went through a two-week rebellion, and these are the sorts of compromises we had to make to get out the door to church.

Brushing teeth during the rebellion

Changing diapers during the rebellion
And . . . since it's January, why not wear your "running shirt and shorts," which Alice calls them. She loves her exercise clothes.

And also, since it's January, why not eat lunch outside in the back yard in your lawn chair?

Valentine fun. She basically just made confetti and it was EVERYWHERE.

She was very good at frosting the cookies!

Alice's friend came back for a short visit, and they were so, so, so happy to see each other!

Lip stickers :)

In her LOVE sweatsuit for Valentine's Day

Playing chalk outside . . . because it's February, or course. She wanted me to draw a bedroom. So, you see the dresser (which we then "painted" with chalk), laundry basket, window, bed, door . . . all dictated by Alice

We got a membership at the Aviary

"I'm Mary."

Grumpy Alice didn't quite make it into her bedroom to fall asleep at night.

Valentine surprise from Grandpa Scott and Grandma Tutu

She loves her new dog, Wuffles!

Celebrating birthdays with friends. (Ryan and Jared--BYU and Med school buddies--have their birthdays one day apart.)

Opening some gifts at home. Alice was really not good at keeping the surprises a surprise. For example, when she saw Ryan after we picked up his suits from the dry cleaner, she said, "We got your suits clean! And we got you games! Yeah! They're presents!"

On a few of the beautiful February days we had, we went to the nearby park and played while Daddy ran. Alice wanted to run, too, so we of course let her. She ran a half mile with minimal stopping! It was crazy. She made me sit on the bleachers and cheer for her (which I was happy to do). The other joggers were quite impressed, as were we.

We were at Coldstone getting a treat, and Alice says, "Mommy, you have chocolate on your face!" And I look at her and see this:

Valentine cards. She loves opening mail and always pretends that her cards are songbooks.

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  1. How cute! I can't believe how big she's getting! Their sticker lips cracked me up, how funny! I hope things are going well for you guys. :)