The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Basically the whole semester (Sept-Nov)

Well, this blog post keeps getting longer and longer as I keep not posting and have to add more and more pictures.

Alice is a goofball. She makes us laugh a lot, and it's fun getting insights into her little world. She loves to sing, has a great memory, and enjoys imaginary play.

One of my favorite recent conversations went like this:

  • Me: It's snowing! [flurries]
  • Alice: We can make a snowman?
  • Me: Well, the snow needs to cover the ground for us to make a snowman.
  • Alice: Yeah, when we have more snow, we can make a snowman. And then he will talk to us!
She has really taken her Frosty the Snowman book to heart! We also watched "Frosty the Snowman" just the other day, and that night she cried because she didn't want Mommy and Daddy to melt into a puddle like Frosty did. Big thoughts for a little body.

Speaking of bodies . . . Alice is sometimes excited (sometimes not) to be a big sister beginning next April. She seems to grasp the concept of a baby sister growing in mommy's belly, and sometimes tells me when the baby is crying. Fortunately, babies don't start crying until later in life, as it does seem to be one of Alice's biggest concerns.

Here are some pictures from the last few months:

"If You Chance to Meet a Frown" song

The best way to play with the water table is IN it.

Very good squatting form. Also very high towers for a 2-year-old. She did both of these by herself!

Flashing people at Phipps Conservatory

Having fun at Phipps with one of her good friends 

Among the Dahlias

Kendra's birthday--it was full of fun and surprises!

Photography practice at the zoo

Alice's favorite area at the zoo is the giant sandy "beach." We've had some fun there while the gibbons hoot and howl.

One of our garden friends. We found out that they would become blue swallowtail butterflies, so we let them eat our carrots.

Fall Photo Shoot

Daddy was making bunny ears on Mommy's head to get Alice to smile, and she thought it was so funny!

Phipps fall show--isn't that just the cheesiest smile.

Our garden was looking pretty good in November--still blooming and all. What a warm autumn we had:

Exercising with Mom
Waving "bye" to the bus has become a tradition for Alice:

Mmm . . . Daddy's dental floss. One of those things you just try not to laugh at in front of them. She does love mint flavor! She will eat Altoids like candy--no joke.

At a fall festival

Not staged. She's just this way naturally.

Trying to find the right one . . . it was a struggle. 

She loved the hayride and talked about it for weeks afterward. "I went on a tractor . . ."

Alice was a nurse for Halloween. She loved it!

Merlin doing his best to prevent me from working. Cover her eyes up and she will have to pay attention to me!

She meticulously painted both sides of her hand so she could make a turkey like she learned to at daycare.

First time I saw a lion awake at the zoo. Not the friendliest-looking animal.

We often see this mom and baby leopard playing with and pouncing on each other.

This just made me laugh because it looks like a cigarette ad or something.

Snack break!

Alice: "Oh! That one doesn't have a head!"

No-sleeves-needed November

Fun with Gabe

Alice and Gabe have become like siblings over the last few months. Gabe has taught Alice a bit more about all the things her body can do (like run faster, jump, and throw) and also more about the wide range of ways furniture can be used.

Jumping from the table, just because it's fun.

Thanksgiving desserts

Turkey on the peanut butter silk pie

Alice is really into Christmas this year! She loves the ornaments, especially.

"I made a train!"

For some reason, carrying 7 empty bags at once is really fun. And then she started putting her food toys in all of them so she was grocery shopping.