The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A drop of golden sun

I've now set a new pathetic record in how long I've gone between posts. Now I need to update on July, August, and September.

We had so much excitement in July and August with extended family (us traveling to them, them traveling to us) that I just had more pictures than I felt like dealing with. But here's an attempt to share some.

Alice updates:

  • Last post I mentioned how Alice all of the sudden sings all these songs we've sung her whole life. Now she sings a lot more and keeps learning new songs. It's pretty much the cutest things to hear her sing "I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain, and ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again" . . . what 2 year old says "ponder"? Her new favorite is the Sounds of Music's "Doh a deer," which she wants to sing over and over again. She says, "Mom, can you sing Drop of Golden Sun?"
  • I also I said last time that she's getting good at talking, but now she really, really is. She talks pretty much like a normal human being, though some times she still asks for things we can't understand. 
  • She has been very interested in identifying gender lately. Daddy's a "man" which also means he's a "he" and a "him," but Alice is a "girl" and a "she" and "her." I like these insights into how her little mind works.
  • Alice loves playing. She's become more and more inventive in her ideas of what to play, and she loves to "pretend." She's also learned the phrase "can we play just 5 more minutes?" whenever we say it's time to leave a playground or to go to bed.
  • Lastly, she is obsessed with a lot of people, most notably her grandparents (she groups each family correctly--knows which people go together, and remembers certain things about each of them) and her friends (all of whom happen to be boys). The other day, she said, "Mom, can you text Oliver so he can come play?" Haha.



Turners visit

Early in July, Lori, Luke and May came for a quick visit.
We met them in Columbus, OH, where they hung out with
Alice while we went to the temple.

Ryan and I took the opportunity to go on an adventure. We biked from Pittsburgh to Ohiopyle on the Greater Allegheny Passage trail. It was 70 miles, and we did it in 6 or 7 hours. We figured we'd biked 20 miles plenty of times, sometimes 30 . . . what's 40 or 50 more? We were definitely hurting at the end, especially the last 10 or so miles, but we made it!!! Lori, Luke, May, and Alice met us in Ohiopyle, and we drove the bikes back to the 'burgh.
Stopped at a camp site for pizza and ice cream. Only 20 miles left!

Getting closer. We hadn't thought about the change in elevation when we planned the trip. Even though it was gradual, as we went up hill into Ohiopyle (a State Park), I wished we were going the other way . . . 

The baby leopard was very active! No wonder they have roofs on their cage.


We (=Luke) paid a bit to get close to the giraffe and watch her eat. She was beautiful!

Monkey see, monkey do

Not willing to turn her back on these guys.
Commenting on the passers-by


Other things in July

We ordered 1000 lady bugs to help control the aphids in our flowers. 

Alice likes playing "diapers"

Pool day with friends. Alice refused to get in, but at least she played with the water!

Our hammock set up.

Alice has been getting much better at legos.

Hiking in Laurel Highlands with friends 

Alice and I went on a 6ish mile hike with some friends. (They were doing a 2-day backpacking trip, so we did an out-and-back with them on the first day.)
Getting her tough-girl on before the hike

Alice did such a great job--she probably walked/ran two or three miles. She really enjoyed collecting acorns and going up hills.

Alice helps her friend blow bubbles

Our little orienteer

Pulling out the watercolors for the first time in over a decade.

We loved our outside dinners this summer!

"Mom, I want to cut your hair."

Family finger painting


Good garden again this year (orange and green tomatoes picked by Alice)

Our huge mantis friend stuck around in our garden for a week or two. 

Nauvoo, IL

On our drive to Iowa, we stopped in Nauvoo, IL, where we camped for the night and then spent a half day exploring the church history sites for our church. Ryan and I got to go to the temple while Alice hung out with Lori and Maysen, and then we went to a number of historical sites.

Early morning at the campsite (trying not to wake the other campers)

She loved the playground at the campsite!

The Nauvoo Temple, rebuilt. This was rebuilt following the original plans, which was built with much sacrifice in the 1840s, but was destroyed shortly afterwards. It is a really beautiful place!

Ryana and I got to go to the temple while Alice hung out with Lori and May.

Making rope in the historical sites

Learning to make candles.
Cutting the rope we made

In Iowa

Splash pad in CR

I won. 

Alice really liked the bonnet Grandma Lori bought her in Nauvoo.

We stayed a night with Grandma and Grandpa Williamson in Des Moines

We went to the state fair, of course.

Alice was really good at steering the stroller through dung.

An evening with the Cunninghams. And, by the way, I'm extremely self conscious about how my stomach appears in this picture. My hips were really sticking out to keep Alice up there, I guess.

She was really good with the car trip!

 Kendra's parents' visit

Wearing her Hawaiian outfit back in Pittsburgh.


These aren't all the Sept photos, but I thought I'd post what I have.
She loves playing chalk, bubbles, and water stuff in the back yard.

I guess she's learning to pose for the camera, because she knew I was trying to get pictures, and she ran a way, but turned to look at me with this great smile on her face.

Reading with her friend

Here she comes