The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, July 3, 2016

June: Mostly out of doors

I love this family picture from a weekend family bike ride to McKeesport.
June has been lovely. We've gotten to spend a lot of time outside in the backyard, at parks, and biking. We love beautiful Pennsylvania. Here are a few Alice updates:
  • She's quite good at communicating and using whole sentences, often with articles and prepositions
  • She's really taken to singing over the last week or two. All of the sudden she was singing on her own the songs we've sung to her over and over. She has quite the repertior, including "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "ABCDEFG," "Baa baa Black Sheep" (yes, I realize these first three are all the same tune . . . she knows more tunes, too), "Give Said the Little Stream," "Oh Where oh Where has My Little Dog Gone," "Three Blind Mice" (I'm hoping she doesn't pick up the part about the farmer's wife cutting off their tails with a carving knife . . . that song is so gruesome), and more. 
  • She also really likes all of her nursery rhyme books and lately randomly starts quoting "Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?"--one of the lamest nursery rhymes ever.
  • She love counting, but apparently dislikes multiples of 4. (She counts 1-12, with no 4, 8, or 12 . . . so yeah it's 1-11, but whatever.)
  • She's become more adept at doing exercises with me in the mornings. Sometimes I wish I had pictures of it, but that would require me to stop exercising and thus be counterproductive.
  • 2 weeks ago she suddenly decided that she had a "blankie." It was one of the white muslin blankets we used to swaddle her in. We pulled one out recently because it was too hot at night for a heavier blanket. It's so funny to see where her interests and obsessions are. Now her two must-have items for sleeping are water WITH ICE and her blankie.
A few videos:

And here are the pictures:

She loves the watertable in the back yard. I we got rocks to go in the sand half, since they'd be easier to clean up each time. Before I took this picture, she was scooping water into that shark filter, which meant that the water was going all over her. 

 2-year-old Photos

My favorite--I just need to photoshop out the car

Family Sensory Activity

Alice got into the paper shredder, and we made a fun affair out of it. Shredded credit cards can be quite sharp, but fortunately no one was seriously injured in the taking of these photos.

Our new bird, Merlin. He's still learning to like us, but he's a really good bird.

She's really been getting into the cheesy camera faces. This is one of them . . . 

. . . and this is her cheesy smile.

Becoming  a pro bubble blower. She's pretty good.

The Garden

Our garden is doing well this year. I really enjoy taking care of it. Except the aphids . . . they make me mad. These pictures are from a week or two ago, and everything has grown so much since then!
First time our beans have worked. I think I figured out the secret: SUN!

flowers, herbs, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beans, peas

Playdough Projects

I made these creatures each in 30 seconds or less.

I just want someone to appreciate my great talent, because the first thing Alice did when I gave her a bunny was this:

More Backyard . . .

I've been working on my charcoal grilling skills, and we often eat dinner outside on a blanket. One day we had brats with sauerkraut and homemade BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries, corn, and cookies (all done on the grill except the BBQ sauce). I put the cookies in just because we had cookie dough balls in the freezer, and I had more heat on the grill. They came out perfect!

Check out that bird feeder. It was a mother's day gift. I finally got the rope so I could suspend it outside of our window. I've already made some cardinal friends, which was exactly what I wanted. the crazy squirrels in our yard have also gotten a bit more crazy since the feeder was installed. They can't get to it, but don't give up trying.

Cheesy camera smile
Alice takes a selfie with her calcaphone (a calculator that she thinks is her cell phone) in front of the fan so she can get that windswept look.
Hike in the park

She's often scared to go down normal slides, but she was okay with the Blue Slide . . . . she did this three times with me and twice by herself!

What a creeper in the back jungle gym.

At the Pittsburgh Arts Festival, a nice man made her a balloon flower.

My diploma came . . . I'm feeling like a big deal now.

More bubbles in the backyard . . .

So much cheese. We bought some nice second-hand winter clothes, and Alice was so excited to try them on!

 Random Stuff 

I finally painted these two tables so they match our playroom colors.

In memoriam: This precious mug has held hundreds of gallons of hot water to hydrate, warm, and rejuvinate my body, especially on mild and cold fall, winter, and spring days. I remember when my Mom bought it for me and said I'd better like it because it was so expensive for a mug (I was wanting a large-sized mug). Well, I drank every penny out of it. RIP. Still not sure what I'll do in the fall. 
Cleaning out . . . Ryan had well over 50 medals from races and scholastic feats of one kind or another.
What an amazing bloke.
An attempt to capture tonight's sunset.