The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter and D.C. for a day

Just a short, quick post, since I already posted this month. We attempted to take some Easter pictures last week. It's always hard with a moving target that smiles only at inopportune moments. [See below.]

And here are a few cute things about Alice. She keep on amazing us with what she knows!
  • She held up a pretzel in each hand and said "two pretzels!" We can't decide it if it was a happy coincidence or if she's benefitted from my workout counting almost every morning (if so, she'll get really good at counting to 8 over and over again).
  • One day on a walk, we saw a woodpecker pecking at a tree across the street. We watched it for a few minutes, and when it flew away, we went and looked at the holes. The next day, we were on a walk in a different area, and Alice stopped at a tree. She found some little holes in it and said "Woodpecker! Holes!"
  • Alice has a book about oceans that has both seagulls and seals in it (which sound the same when you don't say your gs very loudly). It's kinda tricky, but now she knows the difference--one says "ar, ar, ar" and one says "mine, mine, mine." She loves pointing out both animals in whatever we read.
She insisted she wear my apron

Well placed sticker, perhaps reminiscent of her younger days?
We went to Washington D.C. temple for a day and took turns watching the kids with another couple. Alice and her friend had lots of fun! It's neat to see how she's more interested in other kids now. It was hard to get them to stand still for a picture. 

Lunch buddies

Alice's friend had thrown up on his shirt, so he got to wear Alice's shirt for the day! It was a girly orange, but at least it wasn't pink or something!

Hugs :)

On Easter, after church

"Let's throw rocks on the grass! That's way more fun than taking pictures of me with flowers."

My beautiful lime meringue pie (Easter dessert)
We couldn't believe it--in the last year she's never fallen asleep anywhere but her crib and her carseat. But during Easter dinner we were talking with the other couple, and not to Alice. It must have been boring! Plus, she had avoided her nap earlier that day.

She was kinda grumpy after waking up in her high chair (can't blame her, with the way her eyes and head were rolling around!), but the egg hunt helped her snap out of it.

Chocolate egg for breakfast! Lucky girl. Thanks, Aunt Missy, for the generous, sweet package from Germany :)