The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break! Zoo, Hike, Aviary

Preview of our hiking adventures described below
I know, it's a miracle . . . I'm posting a new blog post only two weeks after my previous post. It's spring break, what can I say? I've never had spring break as a college student before this year. It's glorious.

We went on a number of adventures this week, and of course I took pictures. But first, here are a few videos. There are a few more later in the blog:


This was our first time to the Pittsburgh zoo as a family. We were impressed! It's a good bit of walking up and down hills, but it overall has a very green, natural-habitat feel that I liked. The animals were quite active, and many of the large cats showed interest in Alice, perhaps because of her delicious-looking size and well-fed belly. The zoo includes a really large aquarium. The thing that kinda freaked me out was all the huge sharks--I've never seen big sharks in real life, and we walked through a tunnel where they would swim around/over us. They have some crazy teeth. 

Anyway, the zoo was awesome.

Some mules and a llama paraded past us

The leopard seemed very interested in Alice.

She really liked the ostriches

I thought this picture was funny because it looks like the fish will kiss Alice's reflection

She loved the aquarium! 

There are penguins back there :)

Accidentally artistic shot

The dancing polar bear


We went to Raccoon Creek State Park for a hike. We've been there before, but only in a little corner of the park, so it was fun to explore a new part. It's pretty large with lots of trails. It was such a beautiful day, too! Alice enjoyed walking and exploring. She walked a good bit and rode in the backpack as well.
At the start of the trail

First look at the stream

Trying to convince her to cross

I'm going to number these in case grandparents want me to send a printable copy. You can let me know your "order." 1




Going up hill--she was pretty persistent!

Examining a tree trunk

She was really into the moss

Her cheesy camera smile

Little orienteer

Family selfie. Alice is getting the hang of this smiling for the camera thing. Now if we could get her to hold still for pictures when she's not strapped in a backpack.

Playing after the hike


Kendra and Alice went to the aviary on Friday. It's a fun place to be surrounded by interesting birds. 
A sloth is not a bird, no, but there's a baby sloth at the aviary. In case you ever wondered what a 4-month-old sloth looks like, here you go. 

The largest kind of eagle--I can't remember what it's called. Alice learned to identify "owls" and "eagles."

Around the House

Ice cream with my friend

Look what's already up in the front yard!

Family jog in the park. She's still a bit obsessed with her baby.

Miss Independent: She  peeled and ate a mandarin orange literally all by herself. She got it out of the pantry, took it up to the counter, bit into it so she could start peeling. Bit by bit, the peel came off as I watch, impressed. 

Then she bit into it and after that divided it into wedges. 
These videos are kinda boring, but are here for the record:
This whole orange episode is pretty representative of her new favorite word: "myself," meaning "I can do it myself." The other day, Ryan wanted to help her into the car, and here's how it went:
R: Do you need help?
A: No help. Myself.
[A struggles and finally gets onto the seat.]
A: Did it!
Just need to add a little fist pump in there, and she'd be all set.