The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February: If you give a mouse a cookie

Happy February! It's been a great month around here.

Alice is focusing on learning her colors. It's the main topic at daycare right now, and she enjoys practicing at home. It's kind of confusing for her--she just keep changing which color is which, but she'll figure it out.

Speaking of colors, Alice loves coloring, especially with markers. She has demonstrated a longer attention span for coloring than for anything else (aside from doing naughty things).

One precious thing this month is we started having Alice say her own prayers before bed at night. She repeats after us and is impressively good. She especially likes saying "thank you"--no complaints there!

One of the joys of this month is learning to make faces. One night when we were going to brush Alice's teeth, she sucked in her lips and made her mouth into a little circle. This was very exciting to her. At first she laughed at herself, and then she just held it for about a minute and looked at herself in the mirror without laughing (instead Ryan and I were laughing at how serious and goofy she was simultaneously). Making faces takes great concentration. I'm sure one day it will come very naturally to her.

Her vocabulary continues to grow, and she now is working on 3-word sentences, such as "Mommy get it." She also says things like "no oatmeal," and it's always a mystery whether that means "no, I don't want cereal, I want oatmeal" or whether it means "no, I don't want oatmeal."

With an almost 2-year-old around the house, I think I know the inspiration for the book series If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. The conversation goes something like this:
"Hungry! Toast!"
"Okay, you want toast" [make toast and put butter on it]
"No, butter!"
"Oh, you want peanut butter?"
"Yah. p-butter." [give her pb toast.]
"Milk!" [give her milk]
"No! cup. peas."
"Oh, you want peas? Well, I can't say no to that." [get out peas]
"NO! cup!"
"Oh, you just want an open cup (no sippy) you must have been saying 'please,' not 'peas' . . . what good manners!"
etc., etc.
And then there's the inevitable "cookie?" and "chocolate!"--definitely two favorite words.

Other than all food words, we hear a lot of "play?" We respond, "Yes, go play!" "No! Daddy play! Mommy play!" Playing is more fun with friends, I guess. One of her favorite toys right now is her megablocks and her duplos, both of which she calls legos. Oh, and she is obsessed with her baby, especially playing "night-night" or "diaper" with the baby. Pictures below.

First, videos (***=cutest, if you only want to watch a few):

Playing "night night" with her doll

Just playing it cool. It was pretty cute when she started discovering her pockets.

Practicing her downward dog

She's started paying a lot more attention to color, and she matched up these cups and spoons all by herself.

Making valentines

Valentine cookies

Enjoying the reward of cookie-making

She frosted the ones she made, so the rest were not contaminated (Note, I frosted that butterfly to show her how to do it--she's not that skilled yet.). I caught her taking a lick. And she really enjoyed eating the Red Hots, which was surprising.

Her favorite funny face, and the first one she figured out how to make in the mirror.

Valentine's Day dress (also was her Christmas dress), compliments of Grandma Linda

Unwrapping a Valentine's book from Grandma Ann, Grandpa Scott, and Uncle Travis

What? A card that sings? (from Grandma Lori, Grandpa Luke, and Aunt MayMay)

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

She looks happy to be awake from her nap, no?

A common sight. She is quite prolific with her coloring.

Rediscovering the pantry--she hasn't played in there for a few months, and all of the sudden it's again fun to throw cans down the steps.

Tricky navigation process

Just helping herself
That's all for this month!