The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, November 29, 2015

October and November: visitors, Halloween, fall photos, Hershey, Thanksgiving

Woah, I'm super behind in my updates. Sorry, family! School has been good, but somewhat life-consuming. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, though, now that it's nearly December.
Here are some updates about Alice:

  • Words: Alice loves talking. She can repeat almost any word we say, including opposites and ornaments. Her vocabulary is increasing daily. Some of the newer additions include bonk, stick (for sticker or sticky note), play, broccoli, snack, nap, dark (="turn on the light!"), color (sounds like cracker, but is distinguishable based on context), and jacket (sounds like doggy, but she never actually says doggy in reference to dogs, so it's always jacket). I'm guessing she says 50ish words. She's also really gotten into animal noises. My favorites are the elephant (complete with the waving arm/trunk), peacock, and rooster.
  • Size: She had her 18-month appointment last week. She's just getting taller and skinnier, even though she eats a lot. She weighs 22 lbs (38th percentile) and her height is still 80th. Daddy's girl, I guess. 
  • Interests: Alice still loves books. She's also getting more into imaginative play. For example, she likes playing with her dolls and helping them go "night-night." Today she was also reading a book to a dog and feeding her water to her favorite elephant, Whopper. We can also tell her to go read by herself or play by herself and she'll do it for a little while. For example, if it's Thanksgiving vacation and she wakes up at 6, we get her out of her crib and tell her to play while we attempt to sleep for 30 more minutes.

Now I'll highlight October and November through photos and their captions.


It was so fun having my parents visit for a week. Alice enjoyed getting to know them, and we all simply enjoyed being together. I think the year of their missionary work passed so quickly! I'm grateful for their service, as I know many people are.

Alice took a bit of time to warm up to them :) but she definitely did.

My mom made THE birthday cake for my birthday.

Alice really enjoyed it. It was like turning 1 all over again!

Scott and Ann sent me this computer stand that can be shaped in various positions. Alice likes putting her books on it and "conducting the music."

Three generations

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the one less traveled (the grass, which is actually not a path)

Alice LOVES her backpack! She often goes to it when she wants to go out on a walk.

Fall photos at Frick Park

Alice-sized bridge

Bedhead, breakfast, and her new cheesy smile for the camera

We went to a friend's birthday party and Alice got this hat, horse, and hankerchief. She loves them! She gets out the horse and then says, "Hat?" and goes looking for the hat before she goes for a jaunt.

Taking care of the babies

Ready for a ride

Hershey, PA

Ryan was going to Hershey, PA, for a conference. Yes, this is the town of Milton Hershey, the birthplace of the Hershey kiss. Since Ryan had his own hotel room, Alice and I decided to go with him, too! We had a fun time getting away for a bit. We were indoctrinated about chocolate by singing cows, and we spent a lot of time in a HUGE candy store. Alice and I went to Hershey Gardens, which wasn't that impressive, but we had a free pass from Ryan's conference.

Perfect-sized butterfly body for butterfly wings. I wonder how big the wings would have to be for an adult . . .

Hershey kiss mist-fountains

Under an awesome tree-made dome

Alice's daycare had a Halloween parade, and she was all decked out for it with great hand-me-downs (they weren't supposed to wear costumes, but just Halloween shirts). We didn't end up dressing her up later for Halloween because we were too lazy.


Alice's hair has grown a lot in the last month. Now she can have pigtails or a ponytail. She's still learning to leave them alone, though.

Silly bath girl

Mirror selfie

Dressed up for church

Playing in leaves in the back yard. She like saying "jump" and trying to jump, but she isn't actually able to jump yet.

Playing horsie with Daddy is one of her favorite activities.

She opened her PJ drawer and found her camouflage hunting diaper cover from Grandpa Scott and Grandma Ann. She said "hat!" so I put it on her head. She looks like a man in a speedo with a ruffle swim cap. 

Little Miss Muffet?

18-Month Photos at Phipps

I'm not sure which is my favorite. Grandparents, if you want one, just tell me which, and I can email a larger version to you. I numbered them so you can place your orders :)
1 - only vertical option unless the others are cropped vertically


This one reminds me of pictures of me from when I was little, but I can't find the exact picture it reminds me of.




We went to a friend's house (someone from my school program) for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a lovely meal and great company. 

Licking the beaters from the peanut butter silk pie. After this, she kept pulling these out of the dishwasher and licking them, hoping for more of that flavor.

Cleaning some chocolate off the plate

Even though we went somewhere else for Thanksgiving, we made a small turkey. WHich also led me to cook up some stuffing. And gravy. And turkey broth. And homemade cranberry sauce. Seriously. I love Thanksgiving and I just couldn't stop.
This is our beautiful pie, along with some decorations Alice made at daycare.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We have lots to be thankful for.