The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

August: More visitors, more fun

[Note: I wrote this post a month ago but didn't get around to uploading the pictures until today. This text portion is kind of out of date, but I don't have time to rewrite.]

Alice's world is getting bigger and bigger. Here are some of her latest tricks.

Alice's words: mama, no, dada, no, nana (for banana), nai-nai (night-night/naptime), hummus, no, shoes, cheese, Jesus, amen, baby, no, teeth. [There are more now . . . I wrote that list a few weeks ago and don't have time to update it. She seems to add a word per day!] You might imagine that cheese, Jesus, and teeth all sound quite similar, but we can tell by the context what she means. We think she sometimes says "please," too. She does some animal sounds. Pretty much every animal says a high-pitched "woof woof" with a "[pant, pant, pant]," but also cows say "moo," horses "neigh," bees "buzzz," and various other animals "roar."

Favorite book recently: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. This is one of my favorites from my childhood. We know Alice likes it because she opened the book and was trying to imitate the "Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum" line. It sounded more just like "duh, duh, duh," but it's amazing to see how she's been paying attention all along when we read to her. She also was trying to climb on my back the other day and sing the "giddy-up-NEIGH" song/chant so I'd take her on a ride. Of course I did it. Three times. And then she cried and cried because I was done being a horse.

[Update: Now her favorite book is Row, Row, Row the Boat. That's a book, you ask? Yes. She calls it "Row Row." She loves books that have songs.]

Over the last few weeks she's gotten more into dancing. I'm pulling out my old Disney CDs, and we have little dance parties. She's pretty good at making her hands snake around like a flamenco dancer or something like that.

Alice finally knows where her nose, toes, and mouth are. We're working on other body parts as well. They'll be focusing on body parts in her daycare, which she starts 2x/week next week, so I'm sure she'll get a lot better.

Apparently July and August were the months for sprouting teeth because she went from 2 to 12. Her last 1-year molar is just peaking through and causing her some grief now. [Update: She has all her molars now. Chomp chomp.

Alice loves to talk on the phone, unless of course there is actually someone on the phone . . . that is way, way, waaaay too distracting. And really any object can be a phone--a remote, a buckle, a plastic monkey . . . . My favorite part is when she laughs while "talking," as though she's really having an adultish conversation. I mean, I didn't think that I talked on the phone that much, but maybe I do?

Speaking of buckles. She loves buckles. Sometimes it's a major battle to get her buckled into her car seat, but when it comes time to get her out of it, she doesn't want to because she wants to redo the buckles I had just undone to get her out.

People always comment on how tall Alice is for her age. At her 15-month appointment, we learned that she is not actually that tall anymore - about 60th percentile. She's 40th for weight, and still 99 for head.

Okay, that was way too many random pieces of info. Now for the good stuff.

Suddenly one day Alice was capable of stacking blocks. 

Not two blocks, mind you. Four. I think that's a three-year-old milestone or something. And the other day (now at least a month later), she stacked 9!

Mesh strainer helmet. She loves digging through the
cupboards for fun toys like this one. 

For a while, we'd say "Where'd Alice go?" And then we'd find her in this little alcove, either sitting in this (her bike seat) or in a stroller. She really likes the bike!

Why she didn't just finish the task of emptying the bookshelf is beyond me. PS You see that pacifier with the nub cut off? Pacifiers no longer exist in our house. 

For some reason she is obsessed with carrying this vinegar jug around. We also bought her her own dustpan at the dollar store, but she doesn't like it quote as much as she likes this one.

At the park

We try to go to the park a lot, well, we especially did before school started. There were so many woodchips to play with there, it was the best place ever!
She loves the swing more now than she ever has. It's so fun!

Pointing at Daddy's nose

Great lighting . . . too bad she was too tired to smile!

Visit from Lori, Luke, and May

At the art museum, Alice was wearing the perfect shirt (fluorescent yellow) for the black light display.

Amazing rocks!

Gift shop

We tried hard to get a picture of these two together. You can almost see her saying "NO!"
They had the same outfits ON ACCIDENT! Evie bought it for Alice last spring, and then when Maysen got the same outfit for her birthday shortly after.

She was not too excited about the splash pad this go around.

Cakepop-making adventure

Before they headed out. We're so glad they could visit!

Alice runs maverick after they leave, casting spells at Daddy with what used to be part of her sunglasses.

She loves this chair, which was Grandma Lori's, Daddy's, and Maysen's.

I did a triathlon.

Visiting CMU campus all together before school starts