The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July: Alice (Trouble), baby dolls, and Hawaiian visitors

Brace yourself for many photos from the month of July.

Alice is becoming quite the independent soul. I guess the pleasant way to say it is that her emotions are more extreme in both directions. We sense that she has some of her father's curiosity and her mother's stubborness. Hopefully some other traits shine through from the mother's side as well!

She's become great at walking, going down stairs (she's been a pro at going up for a while), and collapsing to the ground when upset. She climbs on chairs of all sizes and then, if not stopped, onto tables. She's a pretty tough little girl and doesn't usually cry when she falls off of things (don't worry, she doesn't fall off of tables, even though that was the last thing I mentioned). Lately she has taken up some challenging "ripping" projects, like ripping the sticky label off of both Aquaphor bottles we own, as well as ripping apart a mini Alice in Wonderland counting book she was "reading" while in the car. Good thing we got that one at a garage sale! Hopefully that wasn't her way of expressing her feelings about her name. So far, the rest of the books have been safe.

Alice's Russian is really coming along--she's nearly fluent. She has learned a few English words as well. She just recently mastered "Mama" and knows what it means, so that's happy. She also knows cheese, daddy, hi, and something else I can't think of right now. At one point she knew yeah, but now the answer to every question in the universe is no. She also makes sounds like woof woof [high pitched, followed by panting, which she sees dogs at the park do], moo, and buzz. She seems to understand a lot, and she does some signs.

Alice is getting about 3 molars, and she now has 4 top front teeth and 3 bottom front teeth, instead of the 2 total teeth she'd had for the last 7 or 8 months. She is great at sleeping, and rather than switching to having one afternoon nap as many kids do around her age, she decided to extend the length of her two daily naps. Hallelujah!

Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure:

Being dangerous I can seriously watch this over and over.
Hello start watching at 30 seconds and stop around 1:30. I don't know how to trim off the ends (they're boring).
Most delicious watermelon it's amazing how much can fit in a little mouth.
Babies not nearly as precious as the babydoll pictures below
Lens cap
New old phone Alice follows the example of Uncle T as she learns to play with her new toy
Sit down game She practices her Russian in her new water table and defiantly plays the sit down game

Without further ado, the photos with a few more descriptions:
She really loves this bag. She puts many things in it, especially her head.

 She also loves climbing in her wagon and waiting for someone to push her.

The Iowa in Ryan loves that she loves corn so much. Though it does make subsequent diapers a bit messier than usual . . .

4th of July . . . she wouldn't hold still or smile for a patriotic picture.

She has an obsession with my wallet. She worked it out of my pocket as I sat on the couch, and then ran away with it so she could dissect it.  She left nothing intact. 

She also loves raiding the pantry. Being the nice mom that I am, I pulled out one of the containers for her to empty in the living room instead of the kitchen. We don't do this anymore because she loves opening little boxes now. They are like little presents of jello and pudding powder.

13.5-Month Pictures

I took Alice on a date to get a new toy. I then decided that it was my chance to get photos because she was actually sitting still!

I like this picture because I think it looks like some pictures of me as a little girl.

She's pretty proud of the fact that she can climb on the rocking chair by herself and then rock it back and forth. 

 Ah the exciting new levels that she can reach now that she can climb on chairs!

Top teeth! You see? She has them.

Little goof

Home, Out, and About

Loving that watermelon

I had to take this from her before she ate ALL of the white and green.

Playing with the two other med school babies. They had a great time!

Baby dolls

One day Alice was suddenly interested in her baby dolls. It was the sweetest thing ever. She would carry them, kiss them, lay them down and try to put a blanket on them, and then lay with them like it was bed time. Then she'd do it all over again.

I couldn't decide which was cuter, this or the next one . . .


Laying down with/on them

I don't know why this flipped sideways, but she's covering them with a "blanket"--one is underneath.

Some things just come naturally: caring for babies and talking on the phone.

She was very happy to get on the bed so she could access the tic tac container . . . fortunately there was only one left.

One of her favorite places


Ann and T visited from Hawaii. They were here for only a weekend, but we had a great time. We went to some awesome playgrounds and a great museum.
Alice's favorite place at the Blue Slide Playground. She sits in here no matter who else is there.

A blue slide, but not THE blue slide. T and Alice both did go down the blue slide (separately) with Kendra.

We got T a new lego set. He and Ryan had fun with it!

Good day on the porch :)
We went to Oakland and passed by/through some sites on Pitt campus on our way to the Museum of Natural History.

Heinz Chapel
Inside the Cathedral of Learning

T was so excited about the dinosaurs!

Didn't her parents ever teach her not to put her hands in a velociraptor's mouth?!?

Ryan: "Kendra, take a picture! She looks like bear poop." Boys . . .

T digging for dino bones. He did a good job.

There was a fun play area for Alice in the museum. 

We went on a merry-go-round in Schenley Park. Alice didn't quite know what to think, but apparently I was more excited than her to see the camera man (Ryan) on each go-round.

Thumbs up for the merry-go-round? Maybe?

She seriously LOVES tomatoes. When we pick them from the garden, she gets so excited that she must eat some right then.

She picked out Lord of the Flies . . . a bit young for that one, but whatever. It's about kids, right?

Yogurt and fruit for breakfast--she prefers to feed herself 

Her aim is indeed improving!

Splashpad with Oliver

It took her a bit to get the guts to get wet, but she liked it once she did.
Oliver just jumped right in (not literally) and sat right under the water.

The water squirted up and surprised her

Hanging out with my buddy

Blue Moon from Mt. Washington

There was a blue moon (2nd full moon in a month) at the end of July, so we went up to Mt. Washington--the big hill across the river from downtown on the south side--to see it. We ran into a friend who lives up there and were invited inside, so we didn't actually see the blue moon come out, but we had a nice visit and saw the moon afterwards.
She loved running around the overlook!

Pretty church on Mt. Washington

I wonder why they call Pittsburgh a city of bridges. And this is only the Monongahela River--there are more on the other two rivers!

Playing with her new water toy (before we use it for water).