The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family and Florida

I'm a bit behind schedule with my posting. At the end of June Alice and I went to Florida. We flew first to Melbourne, where my brother and family live. After my sister Molly flew in, we all drove to Panama City, in the panhandle, where my parents are volunteering as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My other sister's family joined us there, and we all spend a few days camping there in the Florida heat. We had a great time all together, and then everyone except my parents went back to Melbourne for a few days. Overall, we got lots of quality sibling and cousin time--it was very fun!

Alice learned a lot from her cousins. She had just started to walk before our trip, and during the trip, she really transformed from being a crawler to a walker. In the new surroundings she became a clingy momma's girl, but if people could distract her, I could escape her grasp and then try to avoid being seen by her so I could have some Alice-free time. We sure missed Ryan!

On and around the trip, Alice also developed more opinions and a bigger range of emotions. She just seems to be more of a toddler all of the sudden. She tries to pull some fast ones on us. For example, she's grabbed my toothbrush out of my mouth and then runs away with it. She goes to great lengths to get her pacifier outside of nap time, and she tries to hide things from us, including herself in a kitchen cupboard.

Without further ado, I'll share some photos from our trip. Compliments to Molly for many of the photos!

Panama City

Family Photos

Almost the whole crew. We missed having Nikki and David there!

Those are some happy grandparents!

Her little meltdown gets all the attention

The 3 babies, all within about 9 or 10 months of each other. What a happy crew.

Pose II wasn't much better.

At the Campsite

Celebrating 70 years

Us kids got my dad a book of memories and photos.
Molly did a great job putting it all together!
We really are so lucky to have such an excellent dad.

The people my parents know from church were so kind in lending us all sorts of camping equipment, including a camper with cherished air conditioning.

Alice was being a little instigator, getting all of us to clap with her.

Family learned that food is one way to win Alice's approval

Mmmm grass. The joys of camping.

Beach Day

Alice really loved the beach. She loved the water, the sound of the waves, and playing in the sand.

The kids loved hanging out with Aunt Molly!

Sisters hanging out at sea

 The beach visit really wore out those babies . . .

The perfect sand for making a sandman . . . 

Florida has a beautiful variety of seagulls

Alice is sad, so Sage may offer her pacifier, depending on how much Sage wants it.

 Back at the Campsite

We took turns cooking at the campsite. Everyone made such good food! The Navarros did an awesome Guatemalan dinner.

My parents' apartment complex has a pool. Alice loved it!

Her first time in the water
I tried to teach her to kick
She much preferred chewing on the foam board


You know, just your typical dance party. Yes, that's my brother in the blue.
At the beach in Melbourne there were lots of great shells. Alice liked picking them up.

Eating her fruit and baring her top chompers

This beach had the perfect sand for a two-story castle

Cousin pyramid . . . didn't quite work out.

The girls really wanted to do my hair. I'm pretty sure it was brushed more in 30 minutes than it is in a typical year.
Alice really enjoyed all the new toys at Uncle Nate and Aunt Jesse's house.

Airboat Tour

We went on an airboat tour where we saw lots of amazing wildlife. It was really fun!

We saw a lot of gators. Only the smallish ones would let us get close without swimming away.

I especially loved the beautiful ospreys!

The juveniles have really orange eyes

A big gator in the distance with his mouth hanging open. He's probably about a 12-footer.