The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And we have a walker

On my dad's birthday, he told Alice that we all just keep getting older and older and we can't stop it. Though many people think he hasn't aged a bit in 20 years (I beg to differ, however), I'd say it's sure obvious that Alice is getting older and older. Every day there's a new skill or a new interest.

Yesterday, for example, we discovered that Alice can open a package of teddygrahams all by herself. It was a toy when it was packaged; now it's a mess.

This last week we also discovered that Alice can climb stairs. She used to contentedly hang out on the bottom two steps, which was totally fine. One morning, I was reading in the kitchen and she was roaming around and playing. I realized it was quiet--always a bad sign. And then I heard toys clanking around upstairs. What a speed demon! Since then, she's obsessed with stairs, and I'm glad I had already a gate laying around to put at the bottom of the staircase.

Unfortunately, there are stairs leading to our pantry, which was converted from an old staircase that used to go up to the attic. Her love of stairs and getting into everything means that her favorite place is now the pantry. So many cloves of garlic to detach! So many sweet potatoes to lick! So many baskets of goodness to empty!

Speaking of licking. She was into licking for a few weeks when she was 3 months old, but we seem to now have a resurgence of this habit. Shoe! Lick. Watermelon! Lick before chomp, chomp, chomp. Plastic container! Lick.

Over the last week, Alice has been walking more and more. She figured out how to stand without assistance from an object other than the floor, and she often walks 5-10 steps before falling. She's not very reckless, which is good, and she's only bruised her head once. Today.

Oh, and she's still obsessed with spoons. If the dishwasher is open (which we try to avoid), she'll go through the silverware and pick out all her spoons and the teaspoons. I guess she's not really into metal spoons yet.

Alice has finally figured out how to bear crawl (the best way to crawl when wearing a dress). Now she does it when she's not wearing a dress, too:

Lastly, on a sadder note, our bird Houdini passed away this last week. He had gotten sick in March and never fully recovered. His time with us was too short, but we sure did love having him around. Alice really loved him. She would go to his room and make high-pitched screeches (imitating his chirp) and click her tongue to call for him. We're glad we got a few videos of her interest in him and talking to him before it was too late. Here's one of them:

On to the pictures . . .

Starting to stand unassisted

Mmmm avocado.
Eating avocado video:

This is how I feel about my first time wearing a tutu I was given.

I grew on me, though.

And I especially liked it once the shades were added.

Destroying my first fort.

Grandma Lori sent me some hats for the summer. Hooray!

I love looking out windows.

Another walk to the grocery store with Mom (while Daddy takes the car to work)

My second fort

Pantry thief

You know, this applesauce makes a nice stool.

Mom (Linda), you'll find this funny . . . I guess with the warm weather the French bread rises much faster . . .

All Hail the Queen of Broccoli, my favorite vegetable!

 Video from lunch:
"You see this ziplocked bag? I bet you one of my pacifiers that I can get it open."

I love my daddy and I miss him every day now that he's gone more often.
Every time I see our family picture, I say "dada!"

Playing with Daddy video:

We hadn't really paid attention to how much she was working on this bag of  graham cracker bunny things . . . 

 . . . until this happened the next day. Isn't that the guiltiest face you've ever seen?

She ate quite a few of them, perhaps because she hadn't eaten much of her breakfast.

Yup, guilty.

Our Garden (plus cute photo-bomber)

This year our garden is doing great so far! It makes me look like I have a green thumb.

flowers, herbs, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and kale

Grape tomato. Last year it got so huge, and it's well on it's way already. Yesterday I had to tie it to the porch because it fell down.

The first time my peas haven't just suddenly withered and died. 

I gave up trying to keep her clean and just let her crawl, have fun, and get some really dirty legs.

Also the first time my beans haven't just dried up and died.

Two almost full-sized cukes!

My shadow waved at her, and she waved back and then tried to capture my shadow hand.

She LOVES eating watermelon. It's amazing how much she can fit in her little tummy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New York, New York

This post has pictures that we took before Alice's first birthday, so chronologically, we're a bit off. We went to New York City on a whirlwind trip a few weekends ago. On Saturday we explored Manhattan and on Sunday morning we went to church in New Jersey and walked on a nice trail down the Hudson River. The wedding--our reason for going--was on Sunday night. It was lovely, and we're glad we went. We didn't get back to Pittsburgh until about 3:30 a.m. on Monday, so that made for a rough start for the week! Pictures come later in this post.

Here are some updates on Alice's new tricks:
  • She loves talking in Alice language. We are convinced she's casting spells on us and other things, because we don't understand any of what she says.
  • Well, she does say a few things that we understand and has for a while now: "Ahda" (all done), "nai-nai" (night night--she probably thinks this means pacifier, but we think it means sleep), and then her animal noises are improving (moo, meow, woof, ah-ah--monkey sound). Yesterday at the grocery store, I picked up some bananas and put them in the cart and she happily said, "nana!"
  • She is a much more confident at standing up, but she still needs assistance from a wall, shelf, chair, knee, etc. to get up. She's on the verge of standing up without assistance.
  • She's taken tiny steps, about one or two at a time. We'll call these baby steps. I think they're more to keep her balance.
  • She's sometimes a little jokester. She get this mischievous look on her face that tells us she's playing a game, usually a form of peekaboo in an unlikely spot (under a chair, through her translucent sippy cup, etc.).
  • She has started feeding us. Say she's holding a piece of bread and I'm holding her, she'll break off tiny bits of bread and put them in my mouth. It brings her great joy.
  • She's figured out that if she drops her pacifier out of the crib when she wakes up, she can go fetch it after I get her out of the crib. Tricksy Alice.
  • On her birthday we were playing with blocks, and she magically started putting them away. She put about ten in the container, one by one--a miracle! Could we be turning over a new leaf in life--one in which Alice learns to bring order to chaos instead of the other way around? Doubt it.
  • She still eats anything we give her. Though, her time in Iowa trained her to drop food off her high chair for the dog . . . she still likes doing that, but Shadow never shows up to get the food.
  • Her top 4 teeth are all coming in. Soon they may make their debut into her infectious smile!
Oh, is this why they put valves on these things? We hadn't been using the valve because she didn't know to suck hard enough. Well, she's figured it out now, and we use the valve.

Just my daily destruction

"Oh! I found the book I was looking for! It was actually on the bottom shelf anyway."

Mother's Day. Those dandelions are so cool!

Wingardium leviosa! (She's casting a spell.)

Happy mother's day to me.

Treats from a French bakery to celebrate Ryan's awesome Step 1 score

Looking the part. You'd trust him, right? 

Playing games

We hadn't previously known if she could fall asleep in the hiking backpack. She can!

 New York City

Exploring Central Park while Ryan goes to the temple
All the passers-by thought she was the cutest.

Famous fountain in Central Park

In Schwartz FAO toy store, Lego section

The toy store was really fun to explore. Who doesn't love 4 big floors packed with toys? Alice liked getting out and trying this out in the baby section, which was less crowded than the other sections. 

Eating our dinner in Central Park. Alice was happy to crawl around on the grass. Pretty tree in the background!

View on our Sunday walk along the Hudson River

At the wedding dinner. We were at a restaurant that is right on the Hudson River. We had a lovely view! We didn't get any shots of Julia in her wedding dress, alas. 

Walking back to the car. Alice was ready to go to sleep after a napless day.