The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, April 26, 2015

11 Months

Life is good. Alice is growing more teeth, so that has been a bit rocky, but we're surviving! I don't have much to say, but here are some videos and photos:


Alice LOVES reading! She thumbs through books and talks--it's so cute.
Alice also has discovered more things to get into, like our pantry. She stole some dried mangoes and had some fun laughing with Daddy:
Her first taste of brownie came when she found her daddy's bowl on the floor and wanted to lick it clean:
Our little monkey is much better at imitating us. She especially likes clicking her tongue when around the bird:
Alice loves to sing! Sometimes at church when the organ is playing, she really belts out her own sounds.


Ryan's Aunt Lachelle gave Alice this dress as a baby gift--I remember
seeing the 12M size and thinking it was so huge! Our little baby is growing up!

We tried to take some 11 month photos. She wasn't really excited about it, but we got a few shots.

There's a hole in this book?!

Basket of diapers and Alice

Alice loves pulling her up to things and making trouble.
Here she tried to get to Houdini's cage.

She also LOVES markers. Being the good parents we are, we just let her chew on them and carry them around. Imagine her delight when she discovered that they can connect to each other!

Springtime church outfit

Cleaning out daddy's brownie bowl
 A few more photos from Aunt Molly's house during our Idaho trip:

She had fun playing Molly's piano

Aunt Molly is really good at selfies!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I know, I know, it's been too long.

What an adventure Alice and I have had since the last post! It was so exciting that we didn't have time to write a blog post, but we did get some pictures.

Alice and I went to Idaho to stay with my sister's 4 kids while she and her husband were on a service trip in Ecuador. Kendra + 5 kids (ages 7 months to 11 years) was quite the experience. I'm grateful kids just come one at a time (usually). I'm also grateful for a husband . . . single-parenthood is rough! But we all survived, and I may have gone up a few notches on my "cool Aunt" status.

Alice had lots of fun with her cousins and other "new people." Though sometimes I think she wished she had her mom's complete attention, overall she did great and learned a lot of new tricks. On the airplane, she made some great friends who were very persistent at teaching her to wave and clap. She had been on the verge before, but their repetitiveness really helped!

As far as speaking goes, Alice is getting more and more refined in her language skills. She's better at imitating sounds now. She says things that sound like "all done," "hi," and "Alice." She likes to sing when other people are singing, and lately she's been into clicking her tongue, especially around pet birds. It's pretty cute.

Now Alice pulls herself up more readily and walks along furniture. She can crawl much faster as well. When we got back to Pittsburgh, we realized she gets into trouble much more rapidly. More babyproofing in process . . . 

We're trying to teach Alice to be more gentle with people's faces and especially around other babies. She especially liked to use her cousin Michael's stomach, shoulder, or face to stand up. He takes it like a champ, but not all babies are so understanding.

Here are some photos from before, during, and after our trip.

Before Idaho Trip: 

I just love this happy yellow dress she wore to church!

During Idaho Trip:

We hung out while the other two kids were at school. Besides the fact that J is always BORED and HUNGRY, we had a pretty good time together :) 

Alice picking bugs out of M's hair

Alice using Michael to stand up
New temptations encourage her to get on her tip tip toes

Alice likes sitting on M's lap

Dying Easter eggs

They kindly allowed me 3 eggs of my own to dye

And then they quickly became jealous of my mad skills

Breakfast for me and babies

Everyone is home from Ecuador! This was our Easter feast.

Alice loves Aunt Nikki!
She also loved spending time with Aunt Molly . . . photos of that in the next post.

Molly and I made bird nests for dessert (and a few other desserts, too)

I'm posting a lot of these, but I found it humorous how difficult it was to get a decent picture of all of us!

Jonathan: "Can I hold Alice?" Alice doesn't like being held by an almost-5-year-old for long, but she survived.

Playing with bubbles on a beautiful day

See! Bubble!

Alice likes dirt more than bubbles.

Just one of the kids

Alice and Michael had a few times where they would both just be giggling as they played with these toys together.

Successful car trip

Making Grandpa Scott proud. She picked this out of the toy box all by herself!

Now she's one of THOSE kids . . .

Alice looks like her cousin Sage here, I think!

Sitting on Michael's lap again. He just smiles, like always. 

Alice in the same high chair her mom used to eat from!

My friend and former roommate came up to visit us! We had fun at the park on a lovely day.

Alice makes a move on Michael, who is with his two baby cousins from both sides of the family.

After Idaho Trip:

Bath time! Don't forget to wash that face.

Someone is so happy to be home with Daddy!

Oh, how she missed getting into things at her own house!

Loving the wagon Grandma Cunningham got her for Christmas. The handle is perfectly Alice-sized!