The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Monday, March 16, 2015


Well, isn't that just the goofiest girl you've ever seen.

You may remember in a past post where I coined the term Minor Act of Destruction (M.A.D.). It's become much more commonplace. I'm beginning to understand the parental feeling that our house will never be clean again. Alice is curious, active, and generally happy. I guess I can't complain about that.

Alice is getting stronger and stronger. She stands (holding onto things) for longer periods of time. She also has been using her tiptoes a lot to reach a little further.

Alice is communicating much more. Her imitation of our sounds is sounding more and more accurate. Though we've been trying to teach her some basic sign language, she hasn't been using it. She understands when we do the signs, though.

Here are videos, my favorites are starred:
*** This one shows her talking (family, I already sent this to you)
*** This one shows her laughing

Here are photos:

Those magazines can get slippery!

At a particularly expression-ful dinner

Hmm . . . what's in here? Surely there's something that I can spread all over the room.

She is getting quite efficient at crawling on all fours (rather than army crawling)

After Alice "plays" in her room . . . books off the shelf, [clean] diapers all over, etc., etc.

Conveniently placed box . . . she loves the nerf guns and arrows.

Daddy is proud of the things Alice shows interest in.

Sometimes she does sleep, fortunately.

I liked her outfit and wanted a photo. She would not hold still,
so Ryan would hold her and then dash away so I could get the photo.

It didn't work very well.

She paused only to look at Daddy.

Yesterday we went to Kirtland, OH, for the day. We went to church there, and Kendra had meetings for public affairs. 

Ryan hung out in the visitor's center with Alice. He even got her to sleep.

Today we watched Lincoln. They were cute together, though we found Alice to be quite a bit more aggressive than he was. He is very kind and gentle. Alice is kind and forceful. He was having a rough day, hence the tears. 

Let's read this one!

Our ceiling was falling down, so we've had people over regularly to patch it up. What a process! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

9-month-old Alice

In the last 2 weeks, Alice celebrated 9 months (okay, we didn't really celebrate) and Ryan celebrated 27 years. FINALLY he can stop mocking my old age!

Here are some tidbits about the ever-changing Alice:
  • Her hairs are getting longer and a bit more mullet-like.
  • She is crawling on all fours sometimes, rather than always army crawling.
  • She's much better at imitating sounds. We're working on animal sounds.
  • Rather than simply crumpling and chewing paper, she now rips it up first. Rip, rip, rip, crumple, crumple, chew.

Here are a few videos:

I can't think of anything else, so here's photos:

Lookin' good, no?

We were at a surprise birthday party for one of Ryan's classmates. Here are the three 2014 babies from Ryan's med school class.

Love that little face. It was difficult to get her to let me align the props.

Sometimes getting her diaper on is such a challenge that I just take a break before trying the pants. 

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Lyle sent Alice a Valentine's Day card!
Her favorite part was the sparkly foam sticker.

She pulls herself up on anything she can find.

Happy birthday, Ryan! We celebrated with lasagna, french bread, salad, and cheesecake. (And a balloon, obviously.)

Trader Joe's peanut butter cups (they're delicious!) and Seven Samurai, a Japanese movie Ryan wanted.

She was giving the best smiles--I was so glad to get some on camera!

She's looking more and more grown up!

She makes this goofy face often, especially when experimenting with new sounds.

Today, I went to rinse out her dirty diaper, and I came back to find her doing this. She realized that her little hand fits perfectly in that hole, and she had pulled out probably 10 cloth wipes through it. Well, I guess it's better than the Kleenexes she was pulling out earlier.
Also, you may notice her sick little face in this last photo. Poor girl! She started with a runny nose yesterday and has been dripping and crying ever since.