The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Monday, February 16, 2015

Things and Stuff

Not too much exciting has happened since the last post--just life as usual. I finished a big work project in January, and now things are a bit more low-key for me. I've finally had some time to finish up a few projects around the post, so I'll show some photos of those at the end.

Well, I guess there are two exciting things about Alice:

  1. A second tooth has finally poked through! She had been a one-toothed pumpkin for almost two months.
  2. She had previously found out how to pull herself up, but just over the last few days she's really been looking for ANY opportunity to do so. Here's a video of her standing with Houdini:
Also, she still loves choosing the most difficult way to go places--if it involves going over something or under something, that is the way she'll choose. She especially loves when her mother's exercises creates a human tunnel to crawl through. 

Here are some photos of recent happenings:
We had some of Ryan's med school friends over--the other two that had babies last year. We wives really liked the look of this photo and thought it should happen more often.

We made our first ever turkey! A bacon-wrapped turkey, to be precise. It turned out amazing!

Sunday before Valentine's Day. Of course we needed to get the picture before the shoes came off. Couldn't quite keep the headband on for long, either.

I accidentally poured out a bunch of Cheerios instead of just a few. Alice got so excited and dove right in, grabbing them by the fistful (there are bananas in there, too, to make for a gooey mess). I love the sincere excitement on her face.

Alice: I love going through funnels, like this me-sized one created by the couch.

Surveying the destruction. And this is proof that sometimes (most of the time) I just can't hold still long enough for mom to get my pants back on. I'm lucky I'm wearing the diaper!

Good morning, sleepy face!

Tooth! (The new one hasn't poked through yet at this point.)

Over is always the best way (unless under is an option).

Happy Valentine's Day! I just woke up from a nap.

Practicing squats to work off some of the leg chub

Oh joy! Look at where I pulled myself up to! There are some big incentives here . . . bird toys, bird playground, bird bells, bird.

Kendra is a Finisher.

Here are the projects I finished up this week:
The upstairs baby gate. It was quite a project that involved buying that white post, painting it many times to prevent slivers, and more little annoying tasks. The gate blocks off Alice's room and our room from the stairs. It can swing open all the way, so we usually keep it like that for ease of access.
We can also swing the gate to block only the stairs. We just need to put some sort of hook thing in the wall to keep it there. Okay, so this project isn't 100% done.

I invented this mobile out of unlikely craft store items.

I finally painted Alice's letters and got them up. Previously, her walls had been bare except for on one wall.

Alice noticed the mobile immediately the first time she was in the room with it up.

I made this painting of Pittsburgh for my friend from Turkey.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joy in the Snow, Fun with a Friend, and 8-Month Photos

Merry February!

I have many fun photos to share this post. Here's a sample:

I think the caption there is "pure joy." She must love playing in white fluffy stuff.

It seems like Alice continues to change every day. Here are a few of the changes we're seeing:

She's exploring more. One time we were in our room on the bed and she was exploring the room. She crossed under the bed twice, forging a new path each time.

She's pulling herself up. She loves things that are just the right height for her to pull herself up. She sometimes kneels or stands on her own, using things to steady herself.

She's eating more. This morning she ate almost one whole scrambled egg and a quarter of an avocado and a bit of grapefruit, for example. A few days ago she ate an entire orange by herself (I pulled off the membranes), and she's singlehandedly eaten a half grapefruit. She seriously loves grapefruit. That's my baby! Here's a video of her eating steak with her one tooth:

She's talking more. The best conversations go like this:
Alice: Mamamamamama
Ryan: Dadadadadada
A: Mamama
R: Dadada
[repeat that many times]
R: Mamama
A: Dada!
She's playing tricks already!

She's even more obsessed with herself. She loves seeing herself in the mirror and looking at pictures of herself. I can't blame her, really . . . I enjoy it seeing her, too! The other day I was standing by her dresser, watching a video of her on the camera. She army-crawled across the room and started pawing at my pants because she knew what I was watching. I wish I could get pictures of the joy on her face as she sees herself on the little camera screen! Sometimes it makes her laugh. Here's a video of her seeing herself:

We did a little experiment about two weeks ago in which I gathered a few of her favorite things:
These are a few of my favorite things.
Not pictured: toes, shoelaces, Houdini's playground, rubber duck
Then we put all these things (not the dangerous ones like the nail scissors) and let her have at 'em. She went first for the pacifier, so we took that away. Then she went around to basically everything else. In short, she likes all "toys" that are not meant to be toys at all.

Alice's First Snow-ventures

We finally got some quality snow this week. We put her in what we call her marshmallow suit, and she went out in it twice. She seemed to enjoy the adventure! Here's a video of her second snow-venture: It's pretty funny, in my opinion.

Our marshmallow

Why is this stuff flying in my face?

A few days after the previous pictures, we got more snow--maybe 6 inches or more. 

She plowed her way through some of it, and then decided to taste it.

It was a bit cold for her liking.

Fun with Dean

We got to spend some time with Alice's friend from church. He's three weeks older than her, and they've always been somewhat enamored with each other. Alice especially like to go after Dean's feet.

Alice has eyes for Dean

And Dean has eyes for Alice.

They like going after the same toy--a crinkly container of wipes.

Dean likes to feed slippers to Alice, too, as long as she lets him keep the wipes container.

Alice had so much fun with Dean that she tried to get in his car seat to go home with him. He was just chillin'.
She hasn't gotten waving down 100% (actually she's at about 5% waving capability), but this one looks pretty good on camera at least.

Alice's 8-Month Photos

Love that little dimple!

8-month size comparison. She was at the end of her photo capacity at this point

A rare look at her double chin

I don't know why, but I really like this one. I think I love that her eyes are so dark and sharp.

Goofy girl who still has only one tooth

I can't decide which expression I like best between this one and the next two. Such a pretty girl!

Nice smile in this one, but it didn't come out as clear as I would have liked. 

Other Photos

She pulled herself up for the first time one day, and then literally the next day she did this. Looks like we have a climber?

She was determined to get a certain toy.

Human bridge. Not bad for a little one. And it didn't even end in tears.

All ready for yoga with Mommy! I was trying to get her to show off her downward dog pose, but it doesn't happen on command.

Yup, happy. Just like the shirt says.

For some reason the picture didn't upload rotated properly as I'd had it. Well, the point is that she kneels. 
Houdini and Alice get along surprisingly well, even though she's always trying to bug him. He lets her get pretty close. We've since moved the cage and playground each up another level for the safety of both.

'Til next time!