The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A New Year and New Photos

Happy belated new year! Time is going by so fast. 2015?!?

For New Year's Eve, we did the traditional puzzle plus one and watched a bunch of movies while working on them. They were two 1,000-piece puzzles, one that we got for Christmas last year and one this year (thanks, Lori!). We missed the actual turn to the New Year, which always seems to happen when we're on our own to celebrate. I looked at my watch, "Oops, it's 12:17. Happy New Year." And we go back to working on the puzzle.

New Years Eve puzzle (1000 pieces). This one was hard!

New Years Day puzzle (1000 pieces). This was less hard and slightly more fun.

Alice had a cold for the first week of the New Year. She got it from Ryan, and then she passed it on to me. Poor, sick little girl. She was a booger-face, but at least she didn't have a fever.

She really loves Houdini's Christmas present. We've had to hide it from her.

Poor sick baby

Other Alice Updates:

  • She is becoming a master army crawler. She also experiments with the downward dog pose.
  • We were fearful she was starting to pull herself up on things, so we lowered the crib mattress.
  • She has figured out to leave rooms, much to our dismay.
  • She pays attention better to stories.
  • She laughs more often.
  • She loves to talk and experiment with sounds.
  • She loves to eat solid foods. She now eats three meals per day, and she likes a wide range of things (pretty much anything we put in front of her), including grapefruit, broccoli, chicken, steak, banana, cheerios, oatmeal, peanut butter, bread, apple (cooked), carrots, avocado, lasagna, curry, and more. She is good at chewing, and she now is much better at actually getting things into her mouth by herself, though we spoon feed her if we're not in the mood for a big mess.
  • This last week she's regressed in her sleep. We think she's teething again. Some nights she's been waking up every two hours, which gets old, and then she naps for only an hour. But, I think she's getting better because last night she had one 5-hour sleep segment.
  • As part of her teething, I think she gnawed on her hand and bit herself so hard that it bled. This made me aware of how many things she touches. I kept finding her little blood streaks!

Daddy reads me a lovely story about books

Who doesn't love being in a basket of diapers?

Mom and dad at first thought this box would keep me contained for some time. Wrong! Sliding out is the funnest part.

I still do this sometimes.

Gotta love this little face.

When I'm done eating, mom and dad let me play with my spoon. I love it!


Still feeling for that tooth

Don't I look so innocent? With my hand fingering those books . . . 

I like going the hard way into dead ends, and then I yelp for help.

I still LOVE my vitamin D, both the container and the drops.

I also gnaw on Mommy's watch when she permits it. I guess it's not very convenient for her, though.

This is one of my favorite places in my room.

I'm pretty strong and can pull myself up on things.

Daddy is happy that I'm already excited about a box of Legos.

Again, I usually choose to go the hard way. Why go on the level ground when I could go over two hurdles?
On Monday for Family Home Evening we had a Lego session with Ryan's old Legos. After a lot of digging and excavating, we built an awesome spaceship.

This is what children always fear--when the child goes to bed, Mom and Dad pull out the fun toys.

The final product

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas and Such

Finally we have some Christmas photos ready to share. Sorry for the delay. We've just been so busy having fun while Ryan was on break that we didn't think much about blogs and stuff.

Overall, we really enjoyed our Christmas in Pittsburgh. It was so nice to be home and relaxed--it seems like we always go somewhere when Ryan is not in school, so he never gets to relax at home.

We had a slight twist of events for Christmas Eve and day: Our friend went to the hospital to have her baby (born 12:31 a.m. on Christmas day!), so we had her kids over. Obviously we weren't going to have them watch us open all our presents, so we mostly held off. Christmas morning we had a nice breakfast, and then we watched White Christmas and some other movies while preparing for Christmas dinner. We kept the dinner much smaller this time (compared to Thanksgiving). It was really nice!

We are so so so grateful to all our family for the very generous gifts. We need to thank you each individually, I know, but just know for now that we really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into gifts for us. I wish you could have been here to see us enjoy them!

We had planned to do a two-day trip to DC this last week, but we had to put it on hold because Alice got a cold. She had a lot of boogers and was really tired, so it was easier for all of us just to stay home. We plan to go soon, though.

Alice continues to grow and get more and more funny. She has a tooth now! And she has started to say other consonants besides dadada and tatata. She says mamama, and sometimes makes the "k" sound, too. Here are some videos we uploaded from the last month. I put asterisks by my personal favorites:

Now for the photos:

Nativity with the Bringhursts

For Family Home Evening during Christmas week, we had a family from church over for dinner and the Nativity.

Alice loved getting all the attention from other kids! Who needs parents?

Presenting gifts to baby Jesus (Starring Grace Bringhurst).

The cast, with Alice as Sheep

Lights at Phipps Conservatory 

Mug shot

Christmas Eve

We had a second go at our Peanut Butter Silk Pie (first attempt was for Thanksgiving). It's pretty much amazing. And really terrible for your arteries.

Visitors for Christmas Eve! They are great kids.

Christmas Morning


We may have snuck a few presents to our room to open on Christmas morning . . .

We opened our stockings and our other gifts to each other. Ryan got Kendra Insanity, and Kendra got Ryan a monitor that he can hook his laptop up to.  We also have the luggage from Scott and Ann in here.

Kendra's parents got us an AWESOME new camera lens! We loooooove it. 

Remembering the reason for the Christmas festivities

The crew for Christmas dinner

Why she liked opening gifts

With the debut of her first tooth, she kept sucking on her lip. It was so funny!

Our pie

Finally I got to open my gifts Christmas night after everyone left!

Keys from Travis. I LOVE keys!!!

A book from Grandma Lori. I LOVE BOOKS!

No, no, Alice . . . We don't eat NICE books!

A walker wagon from Great Grandma Cunningham--this will be great for this coming year!

My favorite gift of all

The most-used gift so far--Thanks, Grandma Lori! Love, Dr. Alice

As Christmas approached, it didn't take long for Ryan and I to notice the present ratio totally in favor of Alice. That's a lot of gifts for a little girl! She loves them, and so do we. We are so grateful for the clothes, books, and toys. They have all gotten good use already!

 FYI, Grandma Linda, you couldn't remember what outfit you got Alice. This is it! Plus there's a pink fleece top that can be used with the same pants.

Ryan's haul: clothes, shoes, legos, ornaments, luggage, lens, monitor, game, and books

Kendra's haul: books, Insanity, puzzle, piano music, tripod, game, birthday table cloth, luggage, and slippers

FYI, Lori, this is the shirt I got for me with the Kohl's cash you gave us. Thanks! 

Playing with our toys

Working on the Hobbit legos from Travis

It was Kendra's first time doing legos with instructions (growing up I would just make my own things). It was cool!

Playing around with the tripod. It's sooooo nice!!!!!!

Christmas Eve PJs, which she didn't wear for Christmas Eve because of all the craziness of the evening

Putting together the SLC lego (well, off-brand legos) temple from Lori. We did it in two days. It was so much fun! I haven't yet taken photos of the final product, but I'm proud of it.


Alice and Zeynep

Saying goodbye to my friend, Sema, who is moving back to Turkey. I taught her English for a while.

Poor sick baby gnawing on an apple slice--it's a nice teether.

The outfit I bought Alice one year ago when I found out we'd be having a girl.