The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nearly 6 months

6 months = a half year. Is she really that old?!?

Alice has all sorts of new tricks. She can sit up pretty well, and she gets onto her knees sometimes. She also sometimes goes on her hands and knees when we are setting her down. Alice is almost always excited to be moving. She knows what she wants, and she'll squirm and wriggle around to get it. Sometimes that means diving all around while I try to burp her. Other times it means I leave the room and she does a rolling loop around the room to check stuff out (carrying her toy with her the whole way).

One day Alice started babbling. Adadadagagagayayayaya . . . you know, it sounds just like that. She often wakes up all cheery and just makes those sounds in her crib for 20 minutes. Her noises often make us laugh. They seem to change daily.

Alice is also slightly narcissistic. I was just going through the videos of her, and she just sat there, looking at herself (who was conveniently speaking her own language) and just smiling at herself.

We simply love her! We hope you enjoy these photos and a few videos.

Alice was supergirl for Halloween

Trying to levitate

Playing with mommy

Fall photoshoot

Her goofy smile

As soon as I put her on her stomach, she couldn't help but test out the pumpkin. This pose didn't last long.

The blurriness is indicative of her inability to stop squirming

How could you not love this face?

She slept on her hand and had a handprint on her left cheek. She always sleeps on her stomach now.

You can see the hand print better here.

Typical Alice--shove the toys aside and go for the non-kid friendly  items. (Babyproofing in process.)

Up on her knees


All cozied up for mom's walk/run in the colder weather

Sneak peak at our family photos! Thanks, Sarah, for taking them.

She was very serious for all the photos, but we finally got a little smile.
Here are links to a few videos of Alice:
Laughing 1
Laughing 2