The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time

We love the beautiful fall! We are so glad we've gotten out to enjoy it, including an Alice photo shoot. She was very distracted by all the falling leaves and dog-walkers, so she didn't smile much except for in the first minute. 

This one has the best composition . . . too bad she wasn't smiling!

Despite my attempts to extract a grin, most of the photos looked like this.

Or this.

And then she found some leaves . . . 

They were crunchy and delicious!

Alice and I went on an autumn stroll at a state park on a chilly Saturday while Ryan was out of town. 

We pulled over to photograph the countryside.

We love the baby backpack, Scott and Ann! And we were grateful for the shelter from rain. 

We got this huge cabbage and lots of fresh apples from a farm right by the state park.

The next weekend, Ryan and I and Alice all went to a different hiking area. It was a beautiful day!

Wrapped cheese sticks are a decent teething tool.

We didn't expect this outfit to fit her for Halloween, but we managed to squeeze her in it today. She'll be dressing up in her costume for our church party tomorrow.

I think this photo looks like one of me when I was a baby. Mom? Do you see me in there?

I realized the hat also coordinated perfectly.

Nothing like a sleeping baby.

Good morning, mom!

My first MAD (Minor Act of Destruction). I rolled over and kicked all these
books off the shelf and pulled them with my hands, all by myself!

Now I love turning over onto my stomach while my parents are trying to change my diaper.

After a nighttime feeding

Monster baby!

Well, this last one needs an explanation. Alice has had a few rough days, I think partially because of teething. On Wednesday morning I started making my to-do list and all I got around to writing was the first box before Alice drew me away from writing my list. I spent all day trying to keep her happy and letting her nap in my lap. No work, no GRE study, no grocery shopping. When I looked at it at the end of the day, I thought, "Well, at least I did the thing on my list: nothing." Haha, now don't worry and don't take offense--I know that doing mom things is the most important thing I can do, but I just never put it on my list!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Things That Crunch

Isn't she just precious?
Alice is nearly 5 months old! Here are some updates.

Alice is very strong, both in body and in will. She spends a lot of time playing on her tummy, with her gigantor head held high and proud; the frustrations of tummy time are totally a thing of the past. She loves to stand while holding on to parents' fingers, and, rolling over in both directions? That struggle was, like, SO four weeks ago. She also is a book and paper magnet (here comes the "strong will" part). I'll be feeding her and reading, and then . . . dun-dun-dun . . . she hears the page turn, even though I make a careful effort to turn ever so quietly. At that point, who cares about mom's milk? Who cares about toys that are made for babies? I want that book. Let the battle begin.

Sorry, I often digress into Alice's thoughts as though they are mine to share. But really, it's amazing how she notices paper (crunchy white thing! I must have it.) and goes for it. She can't even crawl, yet I leave the room and come back and she's shredding and slobbering all over the notebook that was a yard away from her feet.

Alice is interested in whatever the person she's with is interested in. It really goes to show that parents should wisely choose what they spend their time with. Phones, laptops . . . no wonder kids demand them at a young age. Perhaps some parents should get their noses out of their electronics a bit more and focus on quality time and things that crunch (books).

Though I love getting pictures of Alice's contagious smile, things are not always sparkly and smiley around here. There is utter exhaustion, refusal to be entertained, buckets of drool, ridiculously short naps, and plenty of poop. But, I subscribe to the idea that social media is an excellent way to show a completely unrealistic facade that causes others to sink into depression because of their inability to compete. Hence the smile pictures.

One thing that really does sparkle, though, is a baby's laugh. In the last week, Alice has really gotten going a few times. Who knew that diapers were so hilarious? They make her laugh.

Without further ado, here are some of the latest photos. Enjoy.

First, we have her face-off with Houdini. They both love things that crunch. Houdini one-ups her, though, because he's allowed to chew on plastic bags and for some reason babies are never allowed to.
Staring contest

Somehow we make mom enter the staring contest, too

No, you can't have my crunchy cow.

I'm learning to stand up for and defend myself

Still figuring out how this toy works

Sometimes when I suck on my toes, I pull off my sock. It's a good alternative to feet.

Don't get me wrong, though. I still love feet.

Is this why they put buckles on these things? 

You can't make me sit upright.

Unless I see those dangly things over my head. Attention is now redirected. I must eat those things.

Just like mom said, we're not all smiles around here.

In a few seconds I will start gagging. This is a bit too much foot.

From our front porch. We love the fall!

After a lovely autumn stroll

Hey! What about "get me out of here" do you not understand?

Just joking.

I found some paper of my very own! At least I made it my own. 

What?! This stuff's amazing.

Daddy is photographing me, and then mommy walks in the room. I love seeing her!

All ready for church! I already managed to spit up, too.