The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Sunday, September 28, 2014

4 Months and Counting

A week ago was Alice's four month mark. She's really been growing--physically of course, but also in her many abilities. At her 4-month checkup, she was 14 lbs. 3 oz. and 25.5 inches long. She's still 97% head, 90% length and about 80% weight.

Alice is amazing! She can turn over from front to back and back to front, and she is super interested in all her toys (they go straight to the mouth). Sometimes I set her down on a blanket and go do something, and when I come back she's a few feet away from where I put her. All her wiggling and thrashing is giving her some motion! Her legs are getting strong, and she loves "standing" while I hold her hands. She smiles a lot, especially at home where she's comfortable. She loves being outside, so we're grateful for the beautiful weather we've been having this week.

People are always commenting on her big, bright eyes. They sure are cute. For example:

Here are a few photos from Idaho that I forgot to post earlier:

We three girls hold our little babies :)

The flowers were going to die in the frost, so we made some beautiful bouquets together.

I'm so happy to be home with daddy again!

Look at that face. (And I love this outfit of hers--thanks Kim, Rachel, and Rebecca!)

At the community day car show, hosted by the deaf school that owns our house. It was a fun little event.

Sunday mischief

I love wearing dresses because I can eat them so easily.

That's right.

What? It's yummy!

Laying on my tummy is good too if I can eat my hand.


Fur is the funnest thing to lick.

Don't you take that away from me!

We have similar eyes, this elephant and I.

Please, please, let me lick that fur!

I'm resigned.

Check out the new reading corner in my room! I love playing there and Mommy reads to me there a lot.

I'm not sure how I'm actually supposed to play with this toy, but at least I know what I want to do with it!

I've got her mother's tongue.

Check out that lip.

Sleepy smile.

Gotta hang onto my dragon!

Mom pulled out this Johnny Jumpup, and I loved it immediately!

Especially the parts close to my mouth.

Here are some videos of my favorite new tricks (sorry they're kinda long, so don't feel obligated):

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alice's Adventures in Idaho

A week ago Alice and I got home from our trip to Idaho. We really enjoyed our time there, but we missed Ryan terribly! Alice got to meet a lot of her aunts and uncles and cousins, and she loved spending time with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Lyle. We did some fun family activities and got to relax some too.

While in Idaho, Alice started rolling over on her own. She also full on laughed a few times, but now it's been over 2 weeks since that happened. We don't know how to make it happen again! We might have to import Grandpa so he can make his Donald Duck sound for her.

Meeting baby Michael, my new nephew
3 months makes a size difference!

Meeting Aunt Nikki

We're so happy for Kiersten and we're proud of her decision to be baptized. What a special day!

The cows play Butts Up at the Southeastern Idaho Fair

Michael's baby blessing happened on Sunday, and we were so happy to be there. 
Molly wanted a photo with the present nieces and nephews. She got two crying babies and three kids who couldn't stop laughing.

Cousin Sage sent her photo from Florida so we could
do a size comparison with Scoopy

I got to go to a few of Benjamin's soccer games. He's really good!

At the Tautphaus Park Zoo:
Mmmm. Baby toes are nummy!

Sisters and babies, just chillin'

Happy sisters

Alice was glad to find her herd.
I didn't even realize she was being so cute and
that I was being photographed.

What a wingspan, Alice!
Photo shoot fun! We were mostly trying to get photos of Michael, but we got a few others, too:
Michael is quite photogenic.
Well, we tried. The basket was a bit small.
This one makes me laugh every time
Cousin love. I was just hoping that Alice's death grip wouldn't break Michael's skinny arm.

Love these kids! What a great family.
92-year-old Great Grandpa was happy to meet this little "feller," as he called her. Alice is secretly saying, "Thanks for passing down your giant "Catmull head," Grandpa! I can finally hold it up, at least!"