The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Month Monster

No, no, no, we don't think Alice is a monster. But apparently her Grandma Lori thinks she is with the way she's outfitted Alice! Check out the last photos and videos in this post.

Has it really been 3 months?!? Yes, and I'll take it. Alice is getting cuter by the day, and a bit more manageable as well. She takes a few naps each day, usually for at least an hour, so I get some work in. I wish I knew the secret to sleeping through the night, however. She still wakes up at least once or twice to eat at night. Fortunately she goes back to bed immediately. All we need to do is swaddle her extremely tight (so her arms don't escape), and stick the pacifier in. It works like a charm! Often before napping she'll just lay like that in her crib, nice and calm, for 20 minutes before falling asleep. It's beautiful.

Though we sometimes dress Alice like a monster, I actually now think she's my little dinosaur. Her voice has gone from the adorable "oh, ooh, ooh" to some sort of foreign screeching. The first time Ryan heard a big dinosaur monologue from Alice, he was changing her diaper. I heard him asking Alice if she was feeling okay or if her throat hurt. No, that's just the Modern Alice exploring her upper range in a pterodactyl-like fashion.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent is baby smiles. Ryan and I just look at Alice endearingly and her face explodes with happiness. It sure makes us imperfect people feel loved.

Aside from her dinosaur-like tendencies, Alice has become a rabbit-like leg-thumper. When we change her diaper, she scrunches up her little legs close to her body and then . . . POW! Slams them down onto the changing pad. Over and over and over and over again.  

Look at me! I often enjoy the first few minutes of tummy time now!

Sometimes I'll even give my best smiles during tummy time.

And, without fail, I also drool. It's one of my favorite activities.

I've been practicing using my tongue. It does all sorts of cool things. 

I'm 3-months old, and basically a super hero, like my shirt shows. (Sorry it turned . . . )

Gotta love the run of drool down my arm . . .

I love my mommy and she loves me SOOO MUCH!

When I get tired during tummy time, I entertain myself with my trusty hand. It's always there for me, even when my pacifier is not. 

I am a little monster! The cutest one ever. 

And here's a video record of our pterodactyl-monster's ROAR:

And proof of the drool. No joke.

'Til next time.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Last week we got back from a two-week trip to visit some of Ryan's family in Hawaii. It was a long journey, but Alice did great with the flights and pretty well with the time change. We really enjoyed the time with Scott, Ann, and Travis. A great bonus is that they happen to live in paradise. They don't have to convince us to come visit!

Scott greeted us with these beautiful leis at the airport

Her first time to the beach. She evidently LOVED it,.

Me telling Ryan what to take a picture of. I just thought the waves looked cool, and he was going to a cool artistic effect with blurring me out (on purpose, of course)


Is Daddy teaching Alice to be a couch potato? Only on vacation, I guess. If you know us well, you will see the irony in this photo. 

From our hike up Sleeping Giant

Little Pink Riding Hood? She managed this costume all by herself.

With grandpa--I love this picture!

We made the mistake of pausing while hiking . . . and I guess Hawaiian mosquitoes just love me.

I practiced night photography. You can see Scorpio and some other constellations (Scorpio's all I recognize over there)

Our buddy at our beach spot

View from our beach spot on the North Shore

View from our beach spot in the other direction

Beach buddies

We stopped near a lighthouse to see the sunset with a bunch of pot smokers

These lovely flowers were in bloom on trees all over the island

Glass beach--the sand is made out of tiny worn/rounded bits of glass. We picked up some bigger pieces for keepsakes.

Ryan picking out some glass

On our last morning, I wanted to see the sunrise. In the rush, I didn't change Alice's diaper before heading out. She had the biggest blowout ever--like we had to wash the whole car seat--because her diaper was already full. Oops!

Bike ride one beautiful morning

Zip lining! Definitely a highlight of our trip--such an awesome gift from Scott and Ann!

We got to soar over areas of the island that we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise

We both found the ziplining to be quite relaxing. We even got to hang upside down on a few of the 8 rides. The last line was about a half mile long, and we averaged about 45 mph!
Here are two videos, one of Ryan's upside down ride, and another of Kendra's.

And last of all, here are some family photos.

I asked Travis to let me take a picture of him to gauge the lighting. There's mischief all over this face!

We had a wonderful time in Hawaii, and we feel so blessed to have such a great family.