The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pittsburgh Arts Festival and Father's Day

Today is Alice's four week birthday. I can't believe it's been that long! We're getting used to having her around, that's for sure. I've been working again for the past week, and I've started emerging out of my cave as far as my church assignments go. I'm learning that Alice's nap times (which occur whenever she wants them to, but especially in the afternoon) mean ULTRA-PRODUCTIVE time. Hurry, hurry! Empty the dishwasher! Eat your breakfast! Shower! Feed the bird! Water the plants! Work for an hour uninterrupted! I always knew I was more efficient when I had limited time. As far as that saying "sleep when the baby sleeps" goes, well, I do that sometimes too, but keep in mind she sleeps about 16 hours per day.

Even though I'm with her every day, I can see how fast Alice is developing. It's exciting! Her eyes focus better, and she can follow us when we move. Her neck and legs are much stronger. She also produced her first tears yesterday, which made her crying rage even cuter. Some of her grunts have turned into more vocalized sounds, like she's on her way to cooing. And we can almost get her to smile voluntarily. She has progressed into infant adolescence, and even has developed baby acne to prove it!

Father's Day was excellent. Here are some photos we took:

Good morning, little one!

What Ryan calls the blue steel look. She does this moderately often, especially after eating.

Two bums staying home from church again

I just had to dress her up in this outfit before she outgrew it!

I simply love this photo of her.

First father's day as a father

"I love my daddy" clothes for the rest of Father's Day

We made our own sushi for the first time!

I had got Ryan many of the fixins for his birthday--the bamboo mat, ginger, wasabi, etc.

It turned out surprisingly well.

Okay, these are out of order, but I don't want to reload the pictures. On Saturday we went downtown to the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. One year earlier, this was this first Pittsburghy thing we did after moving here, and we had really enjoyed it. There were lots of people, so we introverts also escaped across a bridge to the North Shore to enjoy the quieter river trails. It was our first time seeing some of the fun things on the North Shore, including many war memorials, Heinz Field, and Mr. Rogers.

All ready to go out

View of downtown from the North Shore

She is clearly enjoying herself.

Have I ever mentioned how much we love living in Pittsburgh?

Heinz Field (Steelers stadium). Apparently the Pittsburgh Panthers play here, too. Who knew! This was part of the set for the third Batman movie, as were many other Pittsburgh sites.

Mr. Rogers enlightens everyone who stops to listen.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was filmed in Pittsburgh.

His view--not bad.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Past Week and a Half

Alice is growing so fast! Already she has outgrown all her newborn and 0-3 month clothes and is wearing 3 month clothes (and some of those are a bit tight!). Much of her large clothing size is due to the fact that the cloth diapers are more bulky than normal diapers. But still, we've seen her grow out of clothes that had fit a week ago!

It's fun to see her become more coordinated and able to focus. Her eyes seem bigger and bigger as she gazes up at us. During Alice's first few days, she squeaked, so we called her "squeaky." Now we call her "grunty." She does what newborns are supposed to do--eats, poops, cries, and sleeps. She has become much more aware of the "freedom" of a diaper change and nearly always poops while her mother changes her diaper (and never while dad does the changing). As far as sleeping goes, the nights are hard sometimes, but that is to be expected. 

Her cord finally fell off this week, so now we can give her real baths. Last night for the first time I sat her in a little bucket of water. She cried bloody murder for the first few seconds and then realized that it felt nice. We'll see how long that lasts.

At any rate, those are some Alice updates for you. Now here's what you really want:

Three generations

She's so little compared to his hand!
The many funny faces when she's between being awake and asleep:


Probably pooping.

Most of our outings consist of going to the park and reading.

Limp as a rag--she's impossible to wake up when she's like this.

I almost expected her to break out singing "Thriller."

Our little burrito

Ladybug outfit with ladybug hat. Precious.

I think it's so funny how her bottom lip does this sometimes.

Octopus face

Letting mom work!

We'll pretend this is a smile! (She is very mad.)