The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy 7-monthday

Okay, so I wrote this post on Dec 21, but I didn't upload the photos and post it. So, here it is. The Christmas post will come soon!

Today is Alice's 7-monthday! That means . . . in 5 months she will be one year old. I can't quite wrap my head around that one yet.

Alice (aka "Lil' Scoocher") is becoming quite mobile and can't be trusted for very long on her own. If left alone she may
a.) circulate the room, pulling items off of every shelf within reach
b.) pull out the lamp cord so she sits in utter darkness
c.) become worryingly silent
d.) tip over her laundry basket and swim in soiled clothing
e.) eat feathers, paper, or anything else available
f.) any combination of the above
In some rooms she can no longer be trusted--particularly the office, which contains many cords and very fun looking toys that belong to a bird and not a baby.

Alice loves pulling hair, scratching, gouging out eyes, and picking other people's noses. If all of these things sound agreeable to you, feel free to visit.

She's settling into somewhat of a schedule, though we still have to force her to be flexible sometimes. She usually sleeps pretty well through the night, and she normally takes two (sometimes three, depending on if her early-early nap counts) decent naps during the day. The best thing is that we can just see when she is tired, then we put her in her crib with her pacifier, and she falls asleep. (Except for right now. She's been talking to herself in her crib for 45 minutes now, but she's happy, at least!) Her favorite part of the day is still when her daddy comes home.

Alice enjoys eating. She usually has one "solid" meal per day right now. I've been experimenting with soup recipes, and last week I made a parsnip-ginger-orange soup. Ryan and I thought it was disgusting, but Alice eats it, so that's useful.

Here are some pictures.

Spitting face

Making evil plans while in her high chair

CAUGHT! She scooched across the room for this reward.

This was just a funny face we happened to catch on camera

Gotta love that pureed cauliflower with spinach

Deciding how she feels about parsnip-ginger-orange soup

I'm 7 months old today! And my mom hasn't taken my monthly photo since I was 4 months . . . oops!

On the Saturday before Christmas, we went downtown to see all the Christmas things. In the Wintergarden where Kendra used to work, there were Santa-like figures from around the world and explanations of their traditions. This one is from the Middle East.

We also saw lots and lots and lots of gingerbread houses and this pretty tree with decapitated Santa heads decorating it. (We thought all the Santa statues in that room should be affeared for their lives!)

This is a pretty outdoor creche. We heard rumor that it's a replica of one that's in Rome or something like that.

Another pretty Christmas dress with a pretty baby

Alright, alright. You got your picture . . . I'm outta here.

After a bath

Diaper-changing challenges. It's often very hard to get her to stay on her back for more than one second.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alice Alert

Sorry, I know it's been a while since I posted. 

Alice is 6 1/2 months now, and just getting cuter. I think she's developing more of a unique look (less just baby-face), and I see glimpses of Ryan in her ever so often. Most people say she looks like Ryan. What do you think?

Alice goes through spitting and talking phases. For a few days, she'll be into spitting--she pinches her lips together, squinches up her face, and spits. It's great fun. She also experiments with sticking her tongue out and spitting. It's hard to get photos of this, but I did get a decent video I'll have to post later. In her talking phases, she says "dadadadada" and similar sounds. Sometimes she also whispers "ta, ta." It's cuter than I can write.

Our little girl is on the move. Just yesterday she graduated from just being a wriggler to being a scoocher. She can make her way to her destination pretty quickly now. I also have that on video and will need to post it soon. Today at church she pulled herself up using the back of the pew, so she was standing facing the back of the chapel. She love standing and bouncing. Her strong little legs are future distance-runners, I can already tell.

She's a lot more smiley nowadays, and she laughs more often. One of the highlights of her day is when Ryan comes home in the late afternoon. She loves her Daddy!

Here are some photos:

Mom's new strategy to contain me while she changes the laundry

Grandma Lori and Aunt Maysen came to visit! We made cookies.

We also went to Phipps Conservatory, which was all decked out for Christmas.

Such a sweet photo!

We are so glad they got to come visit. Alice warmed up to them after a few days.

I now eat things in the high chair Cousin Sage gave me.
I also hang out there while Mom and Dad do stuff in the kitchen. I love eating my straps.

I also sometimes like to experiment with my tongue.

We went on a walk in the cold. It was great fun.

Christmas dress for church!

I was sad, but Daddy helped me feel happy again.

Now that I can scooch, I already learned that the presents under the tree are meant for me. I LOVE PAPER!

Rubbing acorn squash on my face

I'm pretty good at getting it in my mouth, actually.

Mom let me use her favorite mug. She's nice.

I'm a pro at getting on my hands and knees.

You can't change my diaper without me flipping over. I especially love this tag on the changing pad, and my Vitamin D.

Little helper
I was very tired and sad, and not too overjoyed to meet Santa at the church Christmas party.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nearly 6 months

6 months = a half year. Is she really that old?!?

Alice has all sorts of new tricks. She can sit up pretty well, and she gets onto her knees sometimes. She also sometimes goes on her hands and knees when we are setting her down. Alice is almost always excited to be moving. She knows what she wants, and she'll squirm and wriggle around to get it. Sometimes that means diving all around while I try to burp her. Other times it means I leave the room and she does a rolling loop around the room to check stuff out (carrying her toy with her the whole way).

One day Alice started babbling. Adadadagagagayayayaya . . . you know, it sounds just like that. She often wakes up all cheery and just makes those sounds in her crib for 20 minutes. Her noises often make us laugh. They seem to change daily.

Alice is also slightly narcissistic. I was just going through the videos of her, and she just sat there, looking at herself (who was conveniently speaking her own language) and just smiling at herself.

We simply love her! We hope you enjoy these photos and a few videos.

Alice was supergirl for Halloween

Trying to levitate

Playing with mommy

Fall photoshoot

Her goofy smile

As soon as I put her on her stomach, she couldn't help but test out the pumpkin. This pose didn't last long.

The blurriness is indicative of her inability to stop squirming

How could you not love this face?

She slept on her hand and had a handprint on her left cheek. She always sleeps on her stomach now.

You can see the hand print better here.

Typical Alice--shove the toys aside and go for the non-kid friendly  items. (Babyproofing in process.)

Up on her knees


All cozied up for mom's walk/run in the colder weather

Sneak peak at our family photos! Thanks, Sarah, for taking them.

She was very serious for all the photos, but we finally got a little smile.
Here are links to a few videos of Alice:
Laughing 1
Laughing 2